The Info Sci Senior Dinner is an annual favorite within our department, an opportunity to honor graduating students and recognize those who showed particular excellence inside and outside the classroom. This year's senior send-off was held on Wednesday, May 9 in the Physical Sciences Building.  

Class of 2018 Students Honored at Dinner.JPG

Info Sci graduating seniors at the 2018 annual Senior Send-off Dinner.
Info Sci graduating seniors at the annual Senior Send-off Dinner, held Wednesday, May 9, 2018 in the Physical Sciences building.

Kudos to the following Info Sci seniors who were recognized:

Academic Excellence Award
• Kyle Brown (CALS)
• Laura Moraff (A&S)
• Chris Huber (Engineering)

Distinction with Honors in Info Sci
• Liza Mansbach
• Alison Molchadsky

Excellence in Research Award
• Priscilla Cancar
• Sohyeon Hwang
• Liza Mansbach
• Alexandra Ward

Teaching Assistant Recognition Award
• Shea Belsky
• Logan Drumm
• Justin Tung

Community Service Award
Information Science Student Association
• Shea Belsky - ISSA vp in fall '16 and president in spring '17
• Divyansha Sehgal – ISSA corporate relationships chair
• Justin Tung – ISSA vp
• Amy Zhong – ISSA social chair
• Cynthia Zhu – ISSA finance chair