If it's a premier venue for research, you can bet Cornell University will be there. The annual ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing – CSCW – is no different; it is the venue for research in the design and use of technologies that affect groups, organizations, communities, and networks. 

This November, Cornell scholars – nearly 50 of them, from across University departments and spanning Big Red's two campuses – converge on Austin, Texas, for a formidable showing at CSCW. All told, Cornell's CSCW contributions this year include 15 refereed papers, a Best Paper, three Honorable Mentions, and much more. Of course, we are particularly proud of the impressive assemblage of Information Science faculty, students, and alumni represented in this year's conference.

Saddle up, Cornellians. We're Texas-bound.

Conference Papers

*Best Paper Award*  Sensing (Co)operations: Articulation and Compensation in the Robotic Operating Room
Amy Cheatle (Cornell University), Hannah Pelikan (Linköping University), Malte Jung (Cornell University), and Steve Jackson (Cornell University)

*Honorable Mention*  Computing Education for Intercultural Learning: Lessons from the Nairobi Play Project
Ian Arawjo (Cornell University), Ariam Mogos (Nairobi Play Project), Steven Jackson (Cornell University), Tapan Parikh (Cornell University), and Kentaro Toyama (University of Michigan) 

*Honorable Mention*  “Is my phone hacked?” Analyzing Clinical Computer Security Interventions with Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence
Diana Freed, Sam Havron, Emily Tseng, Andrea Gallardo, Rahul Chatterjee, Thomas Ristenpart, and Nicola Dell (all of Cornell University)

*Honorable Mention*  The Tools of Management: Adapting Historical Union Tactics to Platform-mediated Labor
Vera Khovanskaya (Cornell University), Lynn Dombrowski (Indiana University, IUPUI), Jeff Rzeszotarski (Cornell University), and Phoebe Sengers (Cornell University)

*Diversity and Inclusion Award Winner*  "Privacy is not a concept, but a way of dealing with life:" Localization of Transnational Technology Platforms and Liminal Privacy Practices in Cambodia
Margaret C. Jack (Cornell University), Pang Sovannaroth (Independent Researcher), and Nicola Dell (Cornell University)

Accessible Video Calling: Enabling Nonvisual Perception of Visual Conversation Cues
Lei Shi (Cornell University), Brianna J. Tomlinson (Georgia Tech), John Tang (Microsoft), Edward Cutrell (Microsoft Research), Daniel McDuff (Microsoft), Gina Venolia (Microsoft), Paul Johns (Microsoft Research), and Kael Rowan (Microsoft Research)

Accountability and Empathy by Design: Encouraging Bystander Intervention to Cyberbullying on Social Media
Samuel Hardman Taylor, Dominic DiFranzo, Yoon Hyung Choi, Shruti Sannon, and Natalya N. Bazarova (all of Cornell University)

All Users are (Not) Created Equal: Predictors Vary for Different Forms of Facebook Non/use
Eric P.S. Baumer (Lehigh University), Shion Guha (Marquette University), Patrick Skeba (Lehigh University), and Geri Gay (Cornell University)

Content removal as a moderation strategy: Compliance and other outcomes in the ChangeMyView community
Kumar Bhargav Srinivasan (University of Colorado Boulder), Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil (Cornell University), Lillian Lee (Cornell University), and Chenhao Tan (University of Colorado Boulder)

How Emotional and Contextual Annotations Involve in Sensemaking Processes of Foreign Language Social Media Posts
Hajin Lim, Dan Cosley, and Susan R. Fussell (all of Cornell University)

How Teachers in India Reconfigure their Work Practices around a Teacher-Oriented Technology Intervention
Rama Adithya Varanasi, René F. Kizilcec, and Nicola Dell (all of Cornell University)

Including the Voice of Care Recipients in Community Health Feedback Loops in Rural Kenya
Fabian Okeke (Cornell University), Beatrice Wasunna (Medic Mobile), Mercy Amulele (Medic Mobile), Isaac Holeman (Medic Mobile), and Nicola Dell (Cornell University)

Increasing Native Speakers' Awareness of the Need to Slow Down in Multilingual Conversations Using a Real-Time Speech Speedometer
Wen Duan (Cornell University), Naomi Yamashita (NTT Communication Science Laboratories), and Susan R. Fussell (Cornell University)

Narrative Paths and Negotiation of Power in Birth Stories
Maria Antoniak, David Mimno, and Karen Levy (Cornell University)

“Parar-daktar Understands My Problems Better”: Disentangling the Challenges to Designing Better Access to Healthcare in Rural Bangladesh
Sharifa Sultana (Cornell University), Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed (University of Toronto), and Susan R. Fussell (Cornell University)


Phoebe Sengers, Vera Khovanskaya, and Maggie Jack are organizers of "Fostering Historical Research in CSCW & HCI"

Susan R. Fussell is an organizer for "Learning from Team and Group Diversity: Nurturing and Benefiting from our Heterogeneity"

Doctoral Colloquia

"Power Dynamics and Privacy Protection in the Gig Economy"
Presenter: Shruti Sannon


Challenges and Lessons Deploying a Physical System for Resource Exchange in Local Communities
Andrea Gallardo, Nicola Dell, and Mor Naaman (all of Cornell University)

"New to the U.S.: Understanding the Role of CMC in International Students' Adaptation to the U.S."
Jingjin Li, Xintian Gu, Zhonghao Zhan, Haisheng Huang, Yingkai Tan, and Susan R. Fussell (all of Cornell University)

"Understanding Undergraduate Students' Experiences of Telepresence Robots on Campus"
Negar Khojasteh, Cathy Liu, and Susan R. Fussell (all of Cornell University)


Steve Jackson serves as a mentor for the CSCW doctoral colloquium

Conference Leadership

Elijah Joseph Weber-Han serves as CSCW Telepresence Chair, while Susan R. Fussell is Lasting Impact Chair.

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