Éva Tardos, the Jacob Gould Professor of Computer Science and a professor in Information Science, has been named the associate dean for diversity and inclusion for Cornell Computing and Information Science.

This position is an extension of the roles Professor Tardos has been playing in leading our initiatives in CIS on diversity and inclusion, increasing the participation of underrepresented groups, and promoting an inclusive climate for students, staff, and faculty. In this position, she will also represent CIS on university and college committees devoted to these issues. 

Professor Tardos has been a powerful and effective force for diversity and inclusion both within CIS and in the university more broadly. She played a central role in the founding of Women in Computing at Cornell (WICC), for which she and the organization received Cornell's 2017 Cook Award, and a central role in the founding of Underrepresented Minorities in Computing (URMC), serving as faculty advisor to both these organizations. She helped lead the creation of innovations including CIS's undergraduate TA training program, which includes a focus on diversity, combatting implicit bias, and ethical considerations.

"Building diversity and inclusion is a process where we all play important roles," said Interim Dean Jon Kleinberg. "I hope you'll join me in welcoming Eva to this position and in working with her over the coming year on these crucial issues."