Adrianne Han, a senior Info Sci major, has been named Student of the Year in Cornell Engineering’s Co-op program.

Han completed a six-month, on-the-job learning experience at Johnson and Johnson during summer and fall 2018, working as a Digital Health Team member in the research and development side of the company’s pharmaceutical branch, Janssen. 

She was recognized during the Co-op Welcome Back reception held earlier this semester.

The Engineering Co-op Program offers Cornell students an alternative work experience from that of traditional internships. Students have the opportunity to work at leading companies for much longer stretches of time, as the commitment typically spans across one summer and one full school semester. During a Co-op, students can expect to get hands-on, engaging experience with pay as well as a rich understanding of the company they work for.

In his nomination letter, Johnson and Johnson’s Ken Mosca – who served as Han’s supervisor – wrote that Adrianne quickly grew from a contributor on multiple projects to a leader, spearheading two clinical trial launches using digital health technology. She led the production of a new digital system used in a clinical trial collaboration, guided a working group to develop an eDiary system to engage with clinical study participants, and even organized multiple team events.

“Adrianne’s energy and enthusiasm were undeniable during her time here,” Mosca wrote. 

Han was welcomed back to Johnson and Johnson as an intern this past summer. Following graduation next year, she’ll return to the company, this time as a full-time hire: she’s accepted a position in the company’s Technology Leadership and Development Program and will join a team within its Medical Devices sector. 

“I am very proud to be an Info Sci student,” Han said. “The major's key interdisciplinary structure has allowed me to explore a wide breadth of technical subjects without compromising the depth of knowledge necessary to solve real problems. The dedication that many of my professors have demonstrated in their work has inspired me to tackle my own pursuits with equal enthusiasm. I look forward to applying the skills I've developed at Cornell at my job next fall.”